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We clean & restore ducts and vents for fresh air

Residential duct cleaning Melbourne.

Elite Duct Cleaning provides professional, competitive and thorough air duct cleaning services in Melbourne. Not only do we clean your vents, but we also conduct the necessary repairs to keep your duct running optimally. Whether it be your residential ducts or commercial ducts, we can inspect, test, clean and repair them.

We are highly trained in airflow, pressure tests and also in the restoration of most type of ducts.

Whether you have a new house or an old one, your ducts need to be maintained regularly for clean air. There are many things that can block the airflow of your air ducts, thus resulting in your indoor air getting contaminated. To avoid the health hazards of these contaminants like fungi, mould and bacteria, you need to maintain your ducts regularly - and we can exactly do it for you.

  • Book with us in less than a minute
  • Same day service
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • 12 years of experience
  • Best deals
  • Non-toxic cleaning methods
  • Eco-friendly, child-friendly & pet-friendly
  • Professional services at affordable prices

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