Evaporative Cooler Cleaning in Melbourne

Evaporative Cooling Cleaning In Melbourne

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An Evaporative Cooler requires regular cleaning to remove any build-up of contaminants impeding the operating performance of the system and contaminating the air we breathe.

Regular cleaning and servicing ensures that your evaporative cooler is performing at its best. Most manufacturers recommend that your cooler is cleaned and serviced at the start of each summer. For some coolers where water quality is an issue or the environment is particularly harsh even more regular cleaning may be required.

As shown in the picture below, this clogged contaminated filter pad needs to be replaced as it has become rotten with mould and the smell coming off the pad is putrid, which would be drawn in through the filters and blown into the restaurant, office or home.

Your evaporative cooler can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould if maintenance is neglected and this may affect your health.

Purify Air will ensure your evaporative cooling unit is properly maintained as follows:

1. Clean and sanitise evaporative pads through which water passes.

2. Clean water tray/basin, by removing all sediment and slime with a brush

3. Clean and sanitise fan belts and motor mountings

4. Check that water overflow is not blocked and is working correctly.

5. Check around the base of the evaporative cooler to ensure that the penetration into the building is water tight.

Benefits Of Having Evaporative Cooler Cleaning Service In Melbourne

The advantages of employing a skilled evaporative cooler cleaning In Melbourne for your home or commercial place significantly exceed the costs. Here we will tell you how Elite Duct Cleaning’s evaporative cooler cleaning services in Melbourne can help you, your family members or your employees breathe fresh and dust-free air without costing you thousands of dollars. Regular cleaning of your cooling unit is a profitable investment to make sure that it performs smoothly throughout the year. If you have been delaying the cleaning and repair of your evaporative cooler, now is the time to take quick action and hire a professional evaporative cooler cleaning In Melbourne. Listed below are a few out of many excellent reasons to invest a little in regular duct cleaning:

Enhanced air quality

Are you aware of the fact that a regular household has up to 10 times more dirt, dust and allergens than outdoors? This is because over time your air ducts get clogged with dust, mould, pet danders and pollen which causes the air quality of your home to degrade. A reliable evaporative cooler cleaning service can help you in eliminating hazardous pollutants and contaminants from your air ducts. Doing so, quickly enhances the overall quality of indoor air.

Reduced Utility Bills

When ductwork is heavily clogged and contaminated with dust and debris, it becomes extremely difficult for your heating and cooling units to work as it is supposed to. Your HVAC system requires more load than usual to provide you with an even temperature. This suddenly spikes up your utility bills. But a regular evaporative cooler cleaning ensures your electricity bills are reduced to a great extent by making your system function smoothly.

Keeps Allergies at bay

Dirt, dust and mould spores present in the indoor air can trigger severe allergies such as hives, rashes, cold, sneezing, asthma and other respiratory issues. A periodical cleaning of your ductwork system helps in removing all the pollutants from the air. Hence there is no room left for allergies and other health hazards.

Evaporative Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

The average cleaning expense for an evaporative cooler in Melbourne ranges between $80 up to $250. Still, the service cost is subjective and depends on the cleaning that needs to be done.
Yes, it is extremely important to regularly clean your evaporative cooler to keep the functioning of the system efficient and healthy.
You must get your evaporative cooler cleaned at least twice a year if you wish to enjoy the optimum performance.
The pads of your evaporative cooler should be cleaned once a year and you must get the pads changed every 3-5 years.
No, if you clean your evaporative cooler regularly then you won’t get sick. You must remove the dirty water and fill up the cooler with fresh water every three weeks to prevent water stagnation and nasty odours.