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Welcome to Elite Duct Cleaning In Melbourne, the experts in full deep cleaning of kitchens, their exhausts, ducts, grease containment systems, and their catering equipment. We do it all so that you never have to wake up in the night and worry about becoming a statistic in the long list of residential kitchen fires that plagues Australia every year. We do it so that you never have to worry about safety in your kitchen, we do it so that you will be impressed by what you see and hence know your kitchen has a safe environment. We take care of all of that because nobody has any time out of their busy schedule to deal with those things. We do it so you can do what you're good at.

Are you looking for a professional and reliable company to clean Residential kitchen exhaust or chimneys? Unlike other kitchen exhaust cleaners, we don’t provide a quick rangehood cleaning that just gets the surface grease off. When it comes to cleaning and inspecting your kitchen we have high standards.

Our residential kitchen exhaust or chimney cleaning technicians are nothing but the best. This means we are highly trained for doing the job the right way! We offer many Residential kitchen cleaning services such as hood and exhaust, ovens, stoves, tiles, and floors! If you need us to make sure your kitchen exhaust system is working properly we are trained to do inspections to keep your place of living run smoothly and safely. Give us a call today at Elite Duct Cleaning Services and we’ll give you a fair price.

Book Affordable Exhaust Cleaning Cleaning Service

Kitchen exhaust systems (rangehoods) are the backbone of your exhaust and fire prevention set up. If improperly cleaned they allow grease to build up which not only presents a lethal fire risk but comes with the double whammy that it clogs the fire suppression systems and can interfere with the extraction of potentially dangerous gases. Not to mention the build up of bad smells and the increased risk of vermin in the cooking area. Never take chances with the kitchen exhaust system cleaning. It's probably only inches from the flames if it's a lowboy system and even mildly greasy filters can catch fire which means a splashing grease fire dripping down into the range.