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Elite Duct Cleaning specializes in offering complete solutions for cleaning ducts for exhausts and duct cleaning service in Melbourne. Our expertise is HVAC inspection maintenance, cleaning, and repair of residential and commercial dryer vents and air duct cleaning. The air inside can be 50 to 100 percent more polluted than air outside. In Elite Duct Cleaning our main goal is to maintain and improve high quality indoor air, so that you breathe clean and clean air through the entire day. We employ top-quality and well-maintained equipment which guarantees that our services are a complete satisfaction for you.

What is Duct Cleaning

Cleaning ducts is an important service to clean for homeowners. Cleaning your air ducts means cleaning your entire vents, as well as the return, intake, and supply vents cleaned with the latest air equipment for cleaning ducts.

Air duct cleaning service in Melbourne firms have an array of professional duct cleaning equipment that is designed to cleanse your air ducts and create them healthier and more comfortable within your home. The cleaning of your air ducts should be done every 3 to 5 years. However, in some instances, two or three years could be the ideal time to get best results and regular maintenance.

What Equipment Air Duct Cleaning Use?

Air Duct cleaning make use of a variety of tools, from tiny hand-held devices to large-scale equipment. Additionally air duct cleaning likely come with at least one inspection tool ranging beginning with a simple mirror to a periscope, up to the CCTV camera that uses flexible cables that can reach all the way to the difficult-to-access areas within the air vents. The equipment for inspection will be employed mainly when there is a blockage or another reason to check those air vents.

The most basic tools for cleaning include vacuums, brushes as well as other agitation equipment. While you are able to clean the air vents yourself, with an ordinary brush and a home vacuum, it's not advised. If you do it incorrectly, dirt and other pollutants to get into your home through the air ducts, instead of effectively removing it using professionals.